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    What are the advantages of YICOSUN's brand cooperation agency?


    YICOSUN is a global developer and manufacturer of home decoration and office supplies, and is committed to promoting high-quality brand products. YICOSUN's brand cooperation agent has the advantages of high-quality products, professional marketing, diversified product lines, flexible cooperation mode and comprehensive support services, providing a stable and long-term cooperation platform for agents, Help agents achieve higher sales performance and profits.

    a) : Providing high-quality products: YICOSUN's parent company (Shenzhen Zhendong Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.) has more than 20 years of one-stop prototype and mass production experience, providing agents with stable product sources, ensuring product quality and after-sales service.

    b) : Diversified product lines: YICOSUN has a wide variety of product lines, covering household kitchen and bathroom, digital peripheral and other fields, providing more product choices and sales opportunities for agents.

    c) : Professional marketing: YICOSUN has a professional marketing team, which can provide professional market research, product promotion, brand promotion and other services for agents, and provide more marketing channels and opportunities for agents.

    d) : Flexible cooperation mode: YICOSUN provides a variety of cooperation modes, including exclusive agent, regional agent, online store agent, etc., to provide agents with flexible choice and cooperation mode, and customize the most suitable cooperation scheme according to the actual situation and needs of agents.

    e) : All-round support services: YICOSUN provides all-around support services for agents according to Keshang brand operators, including brand promotion, marketing, product training, after-sales service, etc., providing all-around support and assistance for agents, so as to achieve win-win results for both parties.

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