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    About YICOSUN

    Shenzhen YICOSUN Tech Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, adheres to the brand concept of "innovation, technology, classic, fashion", and focuses on the research and development and service of smart and live digital products. Its brand, YICOSUN, focuses on the mid-end market, aims to create personalized and high-quality products for the global consumers, and creates a comprehensive platform for experience and interaction with the theme of cutting-edge technology and pleasant trend. With its fashionable product appearance, excellent customer experience and perfect after-sales service, YICOSUN aspires to become a well-known brand in the international online market.

    Focusing on innovation in the mid-tier market    YICOSUN has insight into the needs of diversified and multi-level product innovation needs, and insists on continuous research and continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation, etc., with the spirit of craftsmanship, it has refined the product's appearance design, practical function, enabling scene and personalized experience, so as to provide more intelligent, more fashionable and more enjoyable product experience for global customers, Let life be full of more possibilities and wonderful!

    Layout of global market channel    YICOSUN covers the world according to the market layout of Keshang, and its products are exported to Europe and America. Continuously expand online channels to provide customers with fast and convenient access to the best products and services. At the same time, YICOSUN continues to settle down offline channels to provide customers with close new product experience and brand services.

    YICOSUN is a mid-range brand of Shenzhen Yicosun Technology Co., Ltd. YICOSUN is a comprehensive operating company that integrates research and development, production, sales and service in an integrated way. The scale of its Plant is more than 10000 square meters. It has more than 10 full/half production lines, more than 300 employees and a monthly production capacity of more than 80K PCS. It has green product manufacturing capability in line with ROHS requirements and a complete supply chain system. YICOSUN is committed to the overall improvement of quality and innovation, creating a young, fashionable and trendy brand.
  • 10+

    Full/Semi-Automatic Production Line
  • 80000+

    Capacity reserve
  • Brand Concept

    Innovation, technology, classics, fashion

    • Brand Values
      Home and home, Excellent fashion
    • Brand Mission
      Create value for households and make contributions to society
    • Brand Vision
      Become an international brand with value and Warm

    Our team

    YICOSUN's brand operation team is composed of a group of young and creative partners

    Including professionals in product design, marketing, brand management, etc

    Most team members have working experience in well-known domestic enterprises and have excellent professional quality and professional skills

    YICOSUN pays attention to team building and talent training while its brand is developing and growing

    Provide consumers with better products and services through excellent teamwork and professional skills.