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    Dear Sir or Madam:

    We are very pleased to announce that the official website of YICOSUN brand has been officially launched! You can learn about our products, services, brand culture and latest trends by Browsing www.yicosun.com.

    YICOSUN is a valuable and warm international cutting-edge brand of digital intelligence, committed to providing users with high-quality products and services, and pursuing excellence in continuous improvement and improvement.

    The official website will be the best way for you to understand the YICOSUN brand. The brand operation center will constantly update the content to ensure that you get the latest and most comprehensive information. The functions and services of the official website cover the following aspects:

    Product display: introduce product information, features, advantages and applicable scenarios. The product range is wide, including different categories and series to meet the needs of different users.

    Service introduction: understand our service scope and specific service process, so that you can better use our products and services.

    Brand introduction: the company's history, brand culture, mission and vision. By understanding our company, you can better understand the brand values and service concepts, and thus more trust and support us.

    News trends: release the latest news and trends, including new product releases, company activities, industry news, etc. You can keep up with the latest information and keep your attention and understanding of us.

    In addition to the official website, you can also follow us through the social media platform to get the latest product and activity information. The YICOSUN brand will continue to launch more promotional activities and new product launches in the future to make your life more exciting.

    We hope that our official website can provide you with convenient and efficient services and establish a long-term partnership with you. If you encounter any problems or have any comments and suggestions during the use of our official website, please feel free to contact us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

                                                                                                                                                           Yicosun brand operation center

                                                                                                                                                                          March 9, 2023

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