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    YICOSUN Begins a New Era of Fashion Desktops! N1 PRO New Montior Stand Comes Out


    Brand Slogan: "Creating a fashionable desktop" is no longer just a slogan, but a reality, an innovative way of life.

    图片1.pngWith the advent of the digital age, our ways of work and entertainment are undergoing tremendous changes. In this world full of innovation and technology, desktop space has become the core of our creative diffusion and work efficiency. To meet this demand, we are proud to announce that the upcoming new monitor stand will completely change your desktop experience, making it more fashionable, convenient, and multifunctional!

    Original design, patented product
    YICOSUN brings you not only a bracket, but also an artwork. Each bracket has undergone original design, full of creativity, and we are proud that N1 PRO is a patented product that is unique and can only be found under our brand. No longer an ordinary desktop, but your unique style.

    N1图片1.pngCNC precision carving process with surface anodizing treatment
    Quality is our perseverance. The N1 PRO bracket is made using CNC precision carving technology, with every detail carefully crafted. In addition, we also perform anodizing treatment on the surface of the product, which not only enhances the texture but also enhances durability, making your bracket more durable and beautiful.

    N1图片2.pngPortable storage, 6-in-1_ HUB+15W wireless charging function
    The N1 PRO display bracket not only has an excellent appearance, but also takes into account practicality. It has excellent portability, foldable storage, and convenient carrying, providing you with the convenience of work and entertainment anytime and anywhere. In addition, the bracket is also equipped with a 6-in-1_ HUB extension features make it easier for you to connect to external devices. What's even more exciting is that the product also has a built-in 15W wireless charging function, allowing your smart device to never stop and always remain efficient.


    Redefining Your Desktop Experience

    The new monitor bracket brings you more possibilities and revitalizes your desktop. Fashionable, practical, and innovative, making bracket products the focus of the desktop, improving work efficiency, and adding entertainment fun.


    The new era of fashionable desktops is approaching, and we look forward to exploring with you.
    We are about to meet you at the Hong Kong Asia International Autumn Consumer Electronics Exhibition. Stay tuned!

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